BILT Tree Tech Limited

Opportunities in Bilt Tree Tech Ltd.

With a growing business, BTTL is seeking professionals to join and grow with the company. If you are a graduate with bio science / social studies and believe you have an entrepreneurial, or research oriented bent of mind and are talented, do not hesitate to send your resume to:

Post Bilt Tree Tech Ltd.
First India Place, Tower C
Mehrauli Gurgaon Road
Gurgaon - 122 002, Haryana


BTTL is based on simple processes, clear responsibilities and accountability, practical tools, and well-known rules and roles. They are a prerequisite for efficiency and fairness in an independent organization like ours. Those who join us benefit from this working environment.

Working For BTTL

Our success is based on our quality organization which operates in 6 Indian states. We are passionate about innovative quality plants, our ability to connect with small, marginal and medium farmers, farmer training and escort services. Persons with entrepreneurial spirit, effective team players and with a strong focus on results are welcome. BTTL is committed to excellence in Health and Safety and of our social and environmental responsibilities.

Come be a part of our team!!

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