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Eucalyptus is an excellent industrial species, which provides timber for poles, pulp and fuel wood. It can be used to afforest fallow and low productive lands, especially in areas with no assured irrigation. .

After years of research and trials, Eucalyptus clones have been selected for commercial plantations. Seedlings are no longer recommended for Agro Forestry. BTTL offers the best gall-resistant clones and clones that can grow in soils with pH up to 9.5.


  • Excellent commercial tree for low rainfall areas
  • Clones yield 2.5 to 3 times more wood than seedlings
  • Coppices well, can regenerate for 2-3 crops
  • High price enabling stable income


Myth vs. Fact

Depletes groundwater Roots of 7-yr clones do not exceed 6-7 feet; hence, not responsible for dry wells
Nutrient status Nutrients are recycled by the leaf litter and bark
Not beneficial to birds Many birds nest in eucalyptus plantations

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