BILT Tree Tech Limited

Agro Forestry / Plantations as a sector plays a vital role in the socio-economic and rural development of a country apart from its role in maintaining ecological stability.

BTTL offers consultancy for private land owners/entrepreneurs to raise pulpwood plantations to meet raw material needs of user industries with appropriate market tie up. The initiatives include:

  • Consultancy to Government Department
    BTTL has provided consultancy to Forest Research Institute (FRI), Punjab for developing a comprehensive tender document for development of clonal nursery in Punjab. Further, Punjab Forest department has also accepted Mr. Amit Datta, DGM - Production as the co-representative of FRI to review the quality aspects of the clonal nursery.
  • Agro-Forestry
    The programme combines food crops (annual) with tree crops (perennials) in the same unit of land, either alternately or simultaneously. The suitable species of trees promoted by BTTL that can be raised on such lands are Eucalyptus, Subabul, Casuarina and Acacia.
  • Commercial Nurseries
    The programme includes setting up of global standard high tech viable nurseries for raising planting stock of trees of economic value.
  • Development of Degraded Land
    The initiative involves growing appropriate species of trees of economic value on degraded land that has been unutilised/underutilised. The primary objective is to raise tree crops on low productive land for firewood, fodder, timber and other non-timber forest produce.

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