BILT Tree Tech Limited
Salient Features

Salient features of BTTL’s Agro Forestry Programme:

  • Encourage small and marginal tribal farmers with fallow, low -productive rain fed land
  • Introduce agro forestry models for multiple cropping
  • Produce and distribute quality planting stock of pulpwood tree species
  • Supply clones in place of seedlings, increased productivity of 2 to 2.5 times
  • Supply saplings based on field soil and climate data
  • Provide technical guidance to farmers during planting till maturity
  • Farmer training on plantation techniques
  • Facilitate bank loans for farmers
  • Assured buyback of the wood produced at prevailing market rate

Environmentally controlled nurseries

With the aim of increasing returns to farmers, BTTL has built environmentally controlled nurseries for clone production in the states of Maharashtra and Odisha. The company plans to progressively increase usage of high yielding clones in its agro forestry programme. BTTL’s efficient professional team manages plant production in high tech nurseries and assists farmers to raise plantations for increased productivity and yield per unit area.


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