BILT Tree Tech Limited
Chairman’s Message

“Welcome to BTTL and thank you for your interest. The importance of recognizing and working toward solutions to build a better future is our sincere and on-going effort. The Avantha Group believes in sustainability —it goes much beyond the mere cache of a well-intentioned word and was central in our goal in establishing BTTL.

Our company, BTTL continues its journey to deliver workable and scalable solutions for sustainable agro forestry as a means to promote economic growth, offer livelihood opportunity and reduce poverty. Its efforts also ensure business sustainability through its practical and achievable social and agro forestry initiatives. BTTL develops successful pulpwood plantations, particularly in fallow, low-productive rain-fed land and takes special care to target marginal lands which belong to farmers below the poverty line.

BTTL’s achievements strengthen our vision and capability of sustainability in business. As the organization grows, we reaffirm our commitment to our values and recognize their role in our continuing success.

I welcome your interest and participation in our efforts.”

Gautam Thapar
Founder & Chairman
Avantha Group

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