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"Prakruti Mitra" Award by the Odisha Government

BILT Tree Tech Limited (BTTL) has been awarded the "Prakruti Mitra" Award by the Odisha Government for its Agro Forestry operations in the Koraput district of Odisha. The award was given by the Cabinet Minister, Forest and Environment, Government of Odisha; Mr. Bikram Keshari Arukh in the presence of Mr. Madhu Sudhan Padhi, Principal Secretary, Forest & Environment, Mrs. Sailabala Padhi, Director, Center for Environment Studies, Forest & Environment Department.


BTTL's Agro Forestry work with tribals in Bastar District, Jagdalpur in Chhattisgarh was honoured with World Bank 2013 India Development Market Place Award.

Tribal communities constitute nearly 70% of the total population of Bastar. Most of the community does not find employment all year round. In the Bastar plateau, irrigation coverage is only 1.2 percent. The low productivity of tribal land and the absence of alternate employment opportunities result in high incidence of poverty in the area.

The Pilot project was taken up in Tokpal and Derba blocks of Jagdalpur covering seven villages. The undulating land in the region is of poor soil quality and of variable soil depths. A complete soil profile study was done prior to land approval for planting. Pilot was done in 100 acres of rain-fed farm lands owned by tribal farmers. A total of 67 farmers benefitted, 37 being women.

In implementing the programme, BTTL partnered with Chhattisgarh Forest Department's 'Hariyali Prasar Yojna' for free supply of plants.



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